JEDI Policy

With a collective goal of dismantling systems of white supremacy and a drive to fight for the rights of all marginalized communities, members of JB Media Group and JB Media Institute formed a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiative in the summer of 2020. Since we first began this work, we have approached our JEDI commitment through a range of self-education work, team trainings, and community involvement.

As a team of individuals concerned about and actively engaged in social justice issues, we have come to acknowledge systemic racism and that historically our company culture has elements that support white dominant culture.

As Founder of JB Media and member of the leadership team, I am committed to supporting changes to our company culture as we become an actively anti-racist organization. Together, as a company, we are addressing our role in perpetuating White Supremacy Culture Characteristics and developing our new JEDI Action Plan and Culture Code, which will be informed by Hella Social Impact’ Notice. Name. Dismantle framework. We are making progress and are eager to share the final results with you soon.

Justin Belleme
Founder and CEO