Here’s How to Get the Media’s Attention (the Right Way)

Good news, everyone. You don’t have to be a Kardashian to make headlines. But you do need to have a compelling story, an enthusiastic point of view, and print-ready press release if you want to see your name on the digital and/or hard copy page. Read these and other great public relations tips from our Content, PR and Community Outreach Specialist Kathleen McCafferty in her story “Getting the Media’s Attention the Right Way” in Capital at Play Magazine.

“You have to give a reporter exactly what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. If you can put a newsworthy story in front of them that they want to cover, give them all the pieces of information that they need—essentially hand off a ‘print-ready’ piece—then you’re making their lives easy, and making them look good in the process.”

Consider how many emails a day reporters and bloggers must receive. Do they open all of them? Absolutely not. But a compelling email subject line, along with relevant, customized and concise messaging goes a long way. Keep in mind, what works for one press release may not work for another. Be prepared to edit your press release and to adjust your story angle if something doesn’t take hold. And as Kathleen relays in her article, persistence pays! In short, if at first you don’t succeed, pitch pitch again (while being authentic and not annoying, of course).

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