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October 9, 2019 • 12:10-1pm (EST)

SEO Reality Check – What it takes to win on Google in 2020

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Every month JB Media Institute students and the public can attend a live call with co-founders and instructors Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme. Sometimes they will also invite other experts to be special guests. Join us to learn about tips, best practices, strategic ideas, and creative campaigns that reach, engage, and convert your audiences in customers, supporters, donors, and more.

SEO Reality Check - What it takes to win on Google in 2020

Search engine optimization is no longer just about keyword content. In 2019 many different strategies are required to build long lasting authority on Google. Brands must focus not just on keywords but also on search intent, website usability, PR, content engagement, partnership marketing, and conversion tracking.

Your Google authority is no longer defined by keyword architecture and link building alone. The value and relevance of your website is connected to everything your brand does online, and authority grows based on the power of your whole online presence.

Let digital strategist and JB Media Institute co-founder Sarah Benoit, along with JB Media Group SEO experts Leah Shapiro and David Gwaltney, help you prepare for 2020 and get real about SEO.

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