Chris McNabb

Chris McNabb

Finance Manager

In late 2018, with the company’s continued success came the need for additional administrative support. Chris welcomed this opportunity to join the vibrant and hard working team at JB Media as the Business Administrator. She has employed her well-honed skills and followed new interests as expectations for this role have evolved. From finances to facilities, she manages this, that, and the other so the business keeps running smoothly.

In spite of her solid liberal arts background, Chris also enjoys the details of business management. She holds a Master of Entrepreneurship degree and appreciates JB Media’s focus on mission-driven business ventures. Chris loves to travel but is happy to call Asheville home, almost long enough to be considered a native.

Chris keeps the ship afloat! She’s incredibly organized, funny, and utterly unflappable. I’m not sure how we managed without her!

Adrianne G.