Ira G.

Barketing Specialist

Ira got his start as a young executive pup in a book publishing company in downtown Asheville, where he made appearances in titles including Bow Wow Wow and I Love to Draw Dogs. Now a senior dog, Ira loves contributing to the culture of JB Media Group by greeting clients and guests, taking scheduled naps, and sunbathing in the window. Ira is fond of Mondays, sitting on people’s feet, and chasing Sarah Benoit down for treats. He gives a mean high five and is a good, sweet, faithful companion to his human, Kathleen McCafferty.

Ira is an essential member of our team. He reminds me every day to be in the moment, whether that means to stop and smell the flowers or simply enjoy a spot in the sun. This helps all of us be more focused, creative, and effective.

Sarah B.