Lucy M. Shapiro

Lucy M. Shapiro

Puplicity Specialist

A North Carolina native, Lucy was born in 2011 with a love of liver treats and belly rubs. After interning at JB Media as a foster pup in late summer 2017, she was officially adopted from the Asheville Humane Society in November by her human companion Leah Shapiro. Lucy’s previous careers include an on-the-ground investigative reporter, mail carrier, and test kitchen cleaner.

On weekends, Lucy and Leah volunteer as a registered therapy animal team, bringing comfort and love to others. They belong to a local not-for-profit pet therapy coalition called Fur Kidz Sake. At the office, Lucy enjoys greeting guests and networking before taking loud naps during meetings. Her love of people is only rivaled by her appreciation of a quality rug to stretch across. On any typical day, Lucy has some explaining to do, but more often than not, she chooses to sleep instead.

Lucy is a dependable colleague and an excellent napper. Her snores are quite impressive! Lucy has a thirst for life, which may explain why she’s always drinking from my water bowl. Our days at JB Media are spent sunbathing and swapping beds. We’re both rescues from Asheville Humane Society. I’m so happy she’s here!

– Ira G.

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