Content Marketing Strategy

We can help you achieve your vision.
But, in order to do so, we always start with strategy.

At JB Media, we offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including SEO, content marketing, social media, advertising, PR, and education.

Our unique combination of in-depth knowledge and real world experience allows us to inform a wide range of digital marketing and related initiatives. We take pride in the extensive thought leadership of our team and bring deep experience in business strategy and development, social enterprise marketing, nonprofit communications, and branding. 

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the segment of your marketing plan that ensures your digital content is relevant to the right audiences, your resources are being spent where they can be most effective, and all of your digital channels are working in tandem for maximum efficiency and cohesive brand messaging.

Starting from your business goals, we create a cohesive plan that directs content creation and platform practices grounded in an understanding of your audiences.

What Comes After Strategy?

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals—and we offer flexible options to make that possible. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with an exceptional team that can handle content writing, email outreach, social media management, online advertising and much more. We also work with clients on a high-level consulting basis, providing direction as you prepare for success. If you want do your marketing in-house, we offer training and education to help. We can advise you on hiring decisions as you build your staff capacity. We can also work collaboratively with your team, implementing core strategy elements while empowering you to do the rest. We pride ourselves in being transparent throughout this process and delivering actionable advice that aligns with our clients’ resources and goals.

Our Strategy and Consulting Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

We offer strategy overviews that evaluate a range of options across digital marketing channels and recommend priorities for action. We also offer hourly consulting with clients seeking advice on their digital marketing direction.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO department provides data-driven strategy deliverables including website audits, keyword research, site architecture plans, site migration consulting, competition assessments, and content strategies.

Social Media Strategy

We evaluate the potential of various social media platforms to achieve your goals, through both organic reach and paid advertising. More importantly, we provide actionable recommendations to fulfill that potential.

Advertising Strategy

We design AdWords campaigns that match your goals and your budget. We also develop  advertising  strategies for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Content Strategy

We’ll work with your team to develop a content marketing plan that supports your goals across multiple digital channels—including website engagement and conversions, SEO, list building, social media, and email marketing.

Brand Clarity

Developing a Content Branding Guide will offer insights into the most effective and strategic ways you can leverage your digital communications—through social media posts, your website, and emails—to better reach and engage existing and your target audiences.

Lindsay Smalling, Former CEO of SOCAP

What I appreciated most was the way that the team at JB Media always balanced a strong technical understanding of our financial goals with an authentic and accessible content marketing plan to ensure we connected with longtime SOCAP attendees and a growing new target audience.

Veena Harbaugh, Marketing Director, B Lab US and Canada

The Google Grant is a great benefit to marketing teams like ours with ambitious missions and limited resources. However, we weren't able to dedicate staff time to figure out how to use and manage it. JB Media handled everything starting with reactivating our account and creating an ad strategy. Since then, they've actively managed campaign creation and conversion tracking to take full advantage of the grant. It has paid off! B Impact Assessment user registrations have increased 54% since we started working with JB Media in the fall of 2018. With JB Media's guidance, we went from struggling to start to sustained results that further our mission.

Craig Madison, former President and CEO, Grove Park Inn

JB Media delivers value to their clients by delivering an outstanding ROI on their marketing investment. The company continues to look for innovative ways to address their projects. They approach every project with a carefully thought out strategic plan and are excellent at maintaining client communications.

Sandy Pukel, President of Holistic Holiday at Sea

During the uncertainty of the pandemic, Justin and the team at JB Media were quick to come up with a solid plan for a virtual event that would help us generate revenue and grow our audience by reaching new members of the plant-based community. Holistic Holiday at Home was a great success on many fronts.

Lindsay Smalling, Former CEO of SOCAP

JB Media Group worked closely with our internal team to analyze financial and sales information, as well as marketing efforts, from previous years to continuously improve our approach. They also led the production of nearly 400 website articles and managed over 60 co-marketing partnerships. Their consistent overall strategy and implementation helped drive a steady increase in attendance and ticket revenue.

Veena Harbaugh, Marketing Director, B Lab US and Canada

B Impact Assessment user registrations have increased 54% since we started working with JB Media in the fall of 2018. With JB Media's guidance, we went from struggling to start to sustained results that further our mission.

Lindsay Smalling, Former CEO of SOCAP

With help from JB Media, we improved all our key metrics including an increase in total revenue and total attendance, a reduction in free tickets, and increased yield per ticket.

Sandy Pukel, President of Holistic Holiday at Sea

Despite the challenges of 2020, JB Media’s virtual event strategy will put us in a stronger position when we are able to return to in-person cruises and we are already planning to offer more virtual educational experiences in the future. We received lots of positive feedback from both existing and new customers. We also doubled our email list and built relationships with influential new partners.