Marketing Agency for Nonprofits

Why You Need a Nonprofit-Focused Marketing Agency

JB Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on helping nonprofits achieve their goals. We have deep knowledge in assisting various nonprofits in maximizing their marketing efforts to reach the next level.

Our digital strategies and campaigns have helped nonprofits succeed, including Land Trust Alliance, The Collider, Our VOICE, The North Carolina Arboretum, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, and many others making a powerful impact.

Branding for Nonprofits

Developing a Content Branding Guide will offer insights into the most effective and strategic ways to leverage your digital communications—through social media posts, websites, and emails. Coupled with a Design Brand Guide showcasing your brand identity through graphic design and logos, you can create a better user experience and discover more about what makes your brand stand out.

Google Ad Grant Management for Nonprofits

We have been helping nonprofits apply for, strategize, set up, and maximize their Google Ad Grants for nearly ten years. The Google Ad Grants program gives qualifying nonprofit organizations a monthly budget of up to $10,000 in free Google Search Ads grant money. These free ads can help you grow awareness of your work and mission, attract qualified traffic to your organization’s website, increase fundraising, promote advocacy, and inspire your key audiences to engage or take action. 

Our marketing company offers Google Ads Grant account application, initial strategy, setup, and ongoing work, such as account audits, ads management, campaign optimization, content marketing, and training. We also offer specialized SEO + Google Grant packages to help your organization determine the best topics to rank for organically.

Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Our agency specializes in content marketing services that support your goals across multiple digital channels—including website engagement and conversions, SEO, list building, social media, and email marketing. From brand messaging and website copywriting to ghostwriting and pillar page creation, we can use your voice to extend brand awareness.

Social Media Management for Nonprofits

Social media marketing is crucial for nonprofits to remain engaged and connected to their key audiences. We can evaluate the potential of various social media platforms to achieve your goals through both organic reach and paid advertising. Create meaningful marketing campaigns on social media, including video production and Instagram Reels, that drive change and promote advocacy for your nonprofit.

Digital Advertising for Nonprofits

Beyond Google Ad Grants, our marketing firm can help you reach many of your most valuable potential audiences through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies. We provide data-driven keyword strategies, sophisticated audience targeting, compelling and carefully tested ads, close attention to PPC costs, and landing pages designed for conversion.


For the last nine years, we have managed the Google Ad Grants account for the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area (BRNHA), a regional nonprofit organization in the mountains of Western NC. For BRNHA, we have consistently utilized nearly all the $10,000 per month in free advertising during the region’s peak tourist season between April and November. The account drives traffic from the organization’s key target audiences and ad groups, including people interested in outdoor recreation, cultural history, music, craft, and Native American heritage.

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How Can We Help Bring Your Mission to Life?

We’ve heard from many nonprofits that they don’t have the time, capacity, or internal skill set needed to create a well-rounded marketing plan. You deserve cutting-edge digital marketing expertise and creative support to help you make a difference. Contact JB Media today to find out how we can help you achieve the growth and bigger impact you aim for.