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We can help you tell your story and engage more people across digital channels. JB Media is a team of strategists and creatives that serve extraordinary clients, including mission-driven companies, social enterprises, and nonprofits. We can help you achieve your goals for growth with a full spectrum of digital marketing services: strategy, research, content creation, online advertising, social media, partnership and influencer outreach.

A lot of businesses say they have a positive impact, but how do you verify that? Becoming a B Corp is one powerful way that businesses can show their commitment to being a force for good in their communities. To maintain our B Corp status, we take the B Impact assessment every three years–answering 200+ questions designed to measure our impact on our employees, community, environment, and customers. We are always looking for ways to be a better business, and the certification process helps us make sure we are living our values.


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Grow Your Reach & Achieve Your Goals

It’s harder than ever to compete online, whether you’re seeking new customers, donors, or followers. And the internet is changing so fast that yesterday’s strategies can be ineffective (or worse, counterproductive) today. You deserve a team of digital marketing experts on your side. We’ll get the word out about the amazing things you’re doing—so you can focus on what you do best.

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all SEO or social media packages. We’ll listen to your needs, and create a customized online marketing plan that fits your goals, mission, and budget.

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Make Digital Marketing Work for You

Do you have a great story—but don’t know how to tell it?

Are you blogging, but not seeing much benefit?

Are you not sure where to invest your time and money on the internet?

Do you need a stronger ROI from your online advertising?

Are you handling your online marketing in-house—but struggling to keep up as everything changes?

Do you know how to target your social media campaigns, so you reach interested people?

Do too many people leave your site without taking action?

When people search for what you offer, can they find you on Google?

Are you a nonprofit that’s missing out on free Google ads?

Whatever your needs, we’ll start by developing a strategy that’s custom-made for you.

We’re a full service agency—offering everything from keyword research to content creation to ad management to email campaigns. We also offer education and coaching, if you want to build your in-house capacity. We approach every campaign with passion, creativity, and expertise, so you can take your success to the next level.

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Digital Marketing for Social Impact Companies

You’re not just doing business. You’re changing lives. You’re solving problems in your community and the world. To succeed, you need to engage people online— your customers, partners, and supporters. JB Media Group is a leading-edge agency based out of Asheville, NC that supports mission-driven companies, social enterprises, and nonprofits. We’re passionate about helping you change the world.

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"B Impact Assessment user registrations have increased 54% since we started working with JB Media in the fall of 2018. With JB Media's guidance, we went from struggling to start to sustained results that further our mission. JB Media handled everything starting with reactivating our account and creating an ad strategy. Since then, they've actively managed campaign creation and conversion tracking to take full advantage of the grant. It has paid off! "
- Veena Harbaugh, Marketing Director, B Lab US and Canada
"I have not hesitated in recommending JB Media Group to companies that want to see their websites provide optimum results for their company.  I feel like JB Media is a great value, and I highly recommend them to any company that wants to make their website perform to its fullest potential! "
- Tom Dempsey, Sylvan Sport
"JB Media delivers value to their clients by delivering an outstanding ROI on their marketing investment. The company continues to look for innovative ways to address their projects. They approach every project with a carefully thought out strategic plan and are excellent at maintaining client communications."
- Craig Madison, former President and CEO, Grove Park Inn
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