JB Media is based in Asheville, in the mountains of western North Carolina. As a company and as individuals, we’re actively involved in giving back to the community we call home.

Company Support for Local Nonprofits


Every year, our company chooses a community service project to do as a team. Starting in 2016, through RiverLink, we adopted Smith Mill Creek, a tributary of the French Broad River that runs through West Asheville. Last spring, team members waded into the creek, hauling out plastic debris, tires, and even a shopping cart that was half buried in the creekbed (we learned about teamwork on that one!) We’re committed to cleaning this stream at least once each year.


Since 2014, we have sponsored Our VOICE’s annual Walk-a-Mile Asheville, a people’s march against rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. In 2017, Our VOICE raised more than $50,000 through this event.

MANNA Foodbank

The JB Media team split up for two days of volunteering at MANNA FoodBank in 2018. One group helped label cans of food and the other sorted cucumbers and eggplants. With the 15.7+ million pounds of food they distribute each year, we know we only made a dent—but we are so thankful for the opportunity! (Don’t let the Cold Mountain boxes deceive you, inside are just a few of the 5,040 cans of sweet peas we helped label and box.)

Other Nonprofits

We’ve supported numerous nonprofits as agency clients and as Institute students. We offer sliding scale rates to select local nonprofits so that we can help them take their great work further. We also donate a portion of our profits every year to local nonprofits. In recent years, we have supported Green Opportunities, Just Economics, Literacy Council of Buncombe County, Our VOICE, and Veterans Healing Farm.

Leadership Asheville and Leadership North Carolina

No fewer than five of our team members have completed Leadership Asheville, an intensive nine-month program that develops leadership skills and promotes collaborative problem solving. The program brings together citizens from a cross section of our community, representing business, government, nonprofit and education. JB Media has sponsored several team members to complete the program. Leadership Asheville alumni on our team include Justin Belleme, Sarah Benoit, Leah Quintal, Adrianne Gordon, and Kathleen McCafferty. Justin has gone on to complete the statewide program, Leadership North Carolina.

Strengthening Asheville’s Business Community

JB Media plays a leading role in strengthening Asheville’s business community—improving residents’ quality of life as we grow our local economy. We’re active in programs that help entrepreneurs get their start, small businesses scale up, and big initiatives take roots. Some highlights of our involvement include:

  • Our team members serve on the board of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.
  • We help individuals gain essential marketing skills through the JB Media Institute.
  • We’re active participants in networking and business development initiatives including 1 Million Cups and Mountain BizWorks
  • Justin Belleme was awarded the Asheville Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014.
  • We sponsored the Western North Carolina Women’s Business Conference several times.

Our Team Loves Volunteering

Individuals on the JB Media team regularly serve our community by volunteering with local nonprofits, for example:

  • Gardening at a farm that grows organic food and gives it to those in need
  • Serving as an advocate on a crisis line for survivors of sexual violence
  • Tutoring non-native English speakers
  • Participating in a legislative response team to counter the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood
  • Supporting at-risk teen boys during their transformation into adulthood
  • Creating the e-newsletter for an independent, nonprofit radio station

Service on Nonprofit Boards

JB Media’s team also serves on Board of Directors for several nonprofits and community organizations, including:

  • Asheville Chamber of Commerce
  • FernLeaf Community Charter School
  • Literacy Council of Buncombe County
  • Veterans Healing Farm
  • Our VOICE

Groups We Volunteer With

Our team members volunteer with all of the following organizations in our community:

  • Asheville Chamber of Commerce
  • Asheville Creative Arts
  • Asheville FM
  • Asheville Humane Society
  • Asheville Score
  • Beneath the Veneer
  • Democracy NC
  • FernLeaf Community Charter School
  • Fur Kidz Sake
  • Girls on the Run of WNC
  • Journeymen
  • Help Youth Out
  • Leadership Asheville
  • Literacy Council of Buncombe County
  • The Lord’s Acre
  • NC Stage Company
  • Our VOICE
  • Planned Parenthood South Atlantic
  • RiverLink
  • Veterans Healing Farm
  • Word Camp Asheville


“I’m on the board of the Buncombe County Literacy Council, an organization where  staff and trained tutors work to increase comprehensive literacy and English language skills for all members of our community—from moms who want read to their children, to kids struggling with literacy in school. Board service means a lot to me because my father was an immigrant to this country, and didn’t know English when he arrived. Literacy Council tutors act not only as support for improving literacy skills, but as compassionate advocates to help students live, grow, and thrive in our community. My dad could have used that!”

Leah Quintal on the Literacy Council of Buncombe County

“I serve on the board of directors for FernLeaf Community Charter School. It’s a very values based school community and the Board, School Director, and staff are amazing people. I’m always happy to lend my time and skills to organizations that align with my values. We each have unique gifts and skills to share and when we can and there is a match with an organization with who we are and what we believe, I feel we should contribute.”

Adrianne Gordon on FernLeaf Community Charter School

“As a society, we have the power to prevent sexual violence and improve survivors’ access to care and resources. The counseling, education, and crisis line services that Our VOICE provides are invaluable in our community and truly change lives for the better. As a board member, I have the opportunity to support others.”

Leah Shapiro on Our VOICE

“As a small business owner who became a successful entrepreneur through the help, support, and generosity of others, I feel it is incredibly important to support others who want to build and grow a small business or organization. It is important to share experiences and ideas as a community because many times entrepreneurs initially work alone, especially in the beginning. It is key to have people around you who provide insight, truth, differing opinions, and  a sounding board so you can make the best decisions possible and move forward in a way that is viable and sustainable.”

Sarah Benoit

“My work tends to focus around the local entrepreneurship community, working with organizations where I really believe in the founders and want to help them achieve their vision.

Justin Belleme