Tara Mele

Tara Mele

Project Manager & Operations Systems Manager

Tara loves helping processes work more efficiently. As if she were solving a complicated jigsaw puzzle, Tara keeps the big picture in mind and looks at how every piece can fit in. As Project Manager, she always takes a people-centered approach—figuring out how solutions can honor the roles and needs of those working on a project.

Tara has worked as an adjunct instructor in the College of Business at Western Carolina University, where she earned her MBA. She earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Montana with an emphasis on community development. Her early training as a sociologist left her with a fascination and talent for better management through employee-centered process improvement and she continues to publish on the subject as well as consult as a business research analyst.

A self-proclaimed geek, Tara was once told she had too many hobbies. A mixed media artist, amateur photographer, and art quilter, she continues to disagree. Past hobbies include scuba diving, herbalism, plant identification, long-distance running, cooking, and gardening. She also loves spending time with her two sons: eating out, watching Doctor Who, playing games, or just laughing at themselves.

Tara the Magician supports the team and streamlines process so everyone can do their best work and meet deadlines.


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