What is Internet Marketing?

In the ever changing world of Internet communications it can be difficult to make sense of the various promotional opportunities and strategies out there.

Internet marketing is complex, impacted by frequent shifts in search engines algorithms, and sees continuous development of new platforms.These factors plus the technical knowledge required to execute successful Internet marketing campaigns creates a significant challenge for business owners and marketing professionals. While the subject of Internet marketing is vast and the tools available are always evolving, it’s overall definition is consistent.





We consider Internet marketing to be a set of tools and techniques that deliver four main objectives:

•    Search engine preference:  have search engines be partial to your website, so it appears in searches relevant to you products or services

•    Targeted messaging:  offer defined and focused communication to customers, publishers, writers, and advertisers

•    Build online communities:  create communities of people passionate about your company’s products or services on appropriate web platforms

•    Drive word of mouth:  encourage conversation and promotion about your company within relevant online communities

At JB Media, we create highly focused plans to deliver results on all of these online marketing objectives for our clients. We provide a full range of Internet marketing services and if you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, we’ll be glad to teach you.


Critical to success in Internet marketing is carefully crafted content targeted at both visitors and search engines.

Search engines continue to place increasing importance on content in their ranking of web pages, and visitors are becoming more and more discriminating about where they spend their time and money online. In addition, each unique element of content serves to increase one or more of the above online marketing objectives. Equally important for an active and profitable website is content promotion.

Each piece of content is unique, with a different life cycle, promotion strategy, and metric for success. The tactics and strategies for online content promotion vary with increasing interplay among search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, online video distribution, online video promotion, online newsletters, e-mail campaigns, social media communications, online publicity, blogger outreach, online advertising, and search engine advertising.

To be successful in Internet marketing, your web content development and promotion strategy must be a continuous effort, building your audience across a wide range of touch points and communication channels.