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As the Director of Training and Lead Instructor of the JB Media Institute it is my job to help students from all walks of life to understand the opportunities digital tools create for every business, organization, and individual to reach the most qualified target audiences.  Whether you are searching for a job, working to represent a non-profit, or acting a s marketing director of a large business personal branding is essential to success in today’s modern marketplace. People want to make an authentic connection with a real person when they are doing business, even with a larger company, so building an online reputation that clearly communicates your values, strengths, achievements, and inspirations is key.

Storytelling in the Digital Age

Terms like “integrated marketing”, “brand management”, and “value proposition” often become buzzwords that hold little meaning or power for the common person. At its essence all successful marketing, PR, social media, etc are really just successful storytelling. The tools we use to share, promote, and tell the story are different in this modern age, but the basic principles have stayed the same. Storytelling is one of the most natural things human beings can do. It is in our DNA to tell stories to one another, both real and imagined. The world of digital communications has given us the Internet, a vehicle through which we can reach a wider audience, and a variety of tools with which we can harness the power of that vehicle. If we can identify the story behind what we do, the WHY of what we do, then we can leave a lasting impression on those around us and have an impact in our local and global communities.

Celebrating the Values of Americorps

AmeriCorps engages more than 75,000 Americans in intensive service each year at nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups across the country. Since the program’s founding in 1994, more than 900,000 AmeriCorps members have contributed more than 1.2 billion hours in service across America while tackling pressing problems and mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve. AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce. AmeriCorps places thousands of young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship.

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