The Google Ad Grants Program gives nonprofit organizations the chance to advertise with Google Ads at no cost to the nonprofit. This program gives qualifying nonprofits $10,000 per month in free Google Ads to spend to promote their missions and initiatives on That’s up to $120,000 a year in free Google search advertising plus potentially 60,000+ new, targeted yearly website visitors. 

Free advertising sounds great, right? But are Google Ads Grants worth It? Spoiler alert: we think so, and here’s why.

Why Google Ad Grants Are Worth It

There are multiple benefits to using Google Ad Grants, including increased website traffic, brand awareness, and meaningful conversions.

Here are some benefits of Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits:

  • If your Google Ad campaigns are well planned and implemented, your search ads will show up in Google Search results for keywords that your target audiences and focus demographics are looking for that are highly relevant to your organization. When effective, those ads will make an impact on the people who see them.
  • If your campaigns are well strategized and executed, your website can expect to get more clicks from those ads and more people who are searching for topics related to your core expertise and areas of impact (your niche) will see your organization’s branding, content and calls to action. Increased conversions, specifically high quality conversions, are not only a benefit of Google Ad Grants, they are a requirement of the program.
  • People who are searching for topics related to your services and mission will click on your ads and visit your landing pages to learn more. This is especially helpful for nonprofits that have a goal or mission to educate people—sharing thought leadership on topics that you have expertise on around the challenge you are working to solve or the solutions that you have to offer.
  • When using a Google Ad Grant, you get to bid on your branded keywords. These branded ads can help you remain at the top of Google’s search results page.
  • Using your Google Ad Grant allows you to determine which keywords are relevant to your goals and objectives to bring users to your website.
  • You get to choose which pages of your website to send people to and you can send them to your top priority and  highest converting pages. By utilizing conversion tracking in Google Ads, you’ll be able to see and measure the visitor’s journey from the moment they click on your ad to when they complete a call-to-action.
  • You can write your own copy for your text ads to ensure that your messages best align with the keywords you’ve chosen to bid on.
  • Google Analytics pairs with the Google Ad Grant, which can provide you with in-depth data about the performance of  your campaigns, engagement, and website. With these tools, you can optimize your website, campaigns, and user experience.

Ways you can use your Google Ad Grants Account:

  • Educating: You can advocate about issues that are important to your organization.
  • Reaching the right people: You can reach your target audience and recruit volunteers. You can build a base audience for donors and subscribers.
  • Driving qualified traffic: With free Google ads, you can create call-to-actions for fundraising and donations. Driving qualified traffic to content that exemplifies your organization’s unique expertise can raise awareness of who you are and what you do.

Curious about utilizing Google Ad Grants for your nonprofit? Wondering about the eligibility requirements and how to complete the grant application? We can help! As a digital marketing agency, we offer support with the application process, account optimization, training, and ongoing Google Ad Grant management, and more. Contact us to learn how we can support your nonprofit.