The entire JB Media team was thrilled to present a half day Internet marketing bootcamp in Asheville on the afternoon on July 29, 2015. At the Renaissance Hotel in downtown, founder Justin Belleme, Director of Content Development Mandy Gardner, and I each spent one hour sharing ideas, strategies, and knowledge with a packed room of business owners, marketing professionals, JB Media Institute alumni, and other students. It was a wonderful day of education and networking. Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and to everyone that attended. We look forward to doing this type of event again in the future. Please feel free to view all three of the presentations below to learn more about the future of digital marketing, search engine optimization, and how to create an effective content strategy. You cna also download PDF copies of each presentation below.

Download Sarah Benoit’s presentation on Marketing for 2015 and Beyond.

Download Justin Belleme’s presentation on Search Engine Marketing in 2015.

Download Mandy Gardner’s presentation on How to Create an Effective Content Strategy.

Sarah Benoit Marketing Trends for 2015

Justin Belleme Search Marketing Trends for 2015

Mandy Gardner How to Create Effective Online Content