Who to believe about Internet marketing?

It seems like every week we’re introduced to a new marketing platform, tool or strategy. Each promises exposure and engagement with potential customers but ultimately requires buy-in from the masses to become successful. So how do you know what avenues to pursue and what bandwagon to jump on (or off) to get your business noticed? Should you be investing in Facebook? Pinterest? Email? A mobile site?

Adrianne Gordon , our director of operations and marketing, addresses this conundrum in a Capital at Play article titled “Evaluating Online Marketing Info.”

“Like any aspect of your business, when it comes to deciding where to invest time and money into your Internet marketing, it’s best to avoid fads and instead use strategies that are most likely to deliver long-term results.”

Setting your online marketing strategy

In  her article, Adrianne notes that you’ll get the best results if you seek out information that is:

  • Recent: Make sure your sources are up-to-date
  • Repeated: Multiple expert opinions are better than one
  • Reliable: Look for real data, not just theories
  • Relevant: It only matters if it matters for your target audience

These tips can help you cut through the noise and find the answer to your questions about how to grow your business through online marketing.

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