School is back in session! New sessions for our in-person and online Internet Marketing training programs have started this week and we are excited to again have guest instructors lend their knowledge and insight to the JB Media Institute. From an online PR specialist to a Local SEO expert, our guest presenters teach alongside our in-house educators to bring our students the most up-to-date and applicable Internet marketing knowledge. Who are these online marketing powerhouses? Read on to find out a little about them.

Kimberly-DaggerhartKimberly Daggerhart
Freelance PR Specialist and Former Director of PR and Advertising at JB Media Group

Teaching: Online PR, Email Marketing, Graphic Advertising

What do you love most about working in Online PR? I really enjoy working collaboratively with clients and students to help them find and tell their stories in the way that helps the small business’ bottom line and, in many cases of our students, helps them go on to take more responsibilities, get promotions, and find their own voice and confidence in Internet marketing.


glennGlenn Geffcken
Partner – Balanced Is, author, blogger
Teaching: Branding and Target Market

Since this is your first time teaching at the JB Media Institute, what are you most looking forward to about teaching at the Institute?
I’m looking forward to working with a group of people who seek a deeper holistic understanding of Internet marketing, and in being able to invite them to take a deeper approach to brand, identity, and target market.


RIch OwingsRich Owings
Owner of Local Is Where It’s At, an internet marketing firm specializing in Local SEO

Teaching: Local SEO
What’s your #1 tip for achieving Internet Marketing success? Never stop learning — online marketing is constantly changing!



scottScott Rader, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Western Carolina University

Teaching: Marketing & Consumer Behavior in the Social Media Age
What is your #1 tip for achieving Internet marketing success? Quite simply, listen. You can be fancy and call that research, but it is really less formal. Listen to the real conversations people have as part of their everyday lives and then be ready to (truly) accept the following fact: Consumers’ lives don’t revolve around your brand/product/service. Find out where the utility you provide weaves (sometimes ever so slightly) into the fabric of everyday lives for people.

It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of the JB Media Institute with more guest instructors adding their knowledge and expertise to our in-person program than ever before. In addition to our regularly scheduled in-person session, our online Institute will start its third cohort September 15, just 5 months after its launch was announced by JB Media Founder Justin Belleme both with updated material to reflect the current state of Internet marketing.

To learn more about the online and Asheville-based JB Media Institutes visit our Institute page. We hope to see you in our in-person or digital classroom soon!