jbmi-summer2014While there are still several weeks left in 2014, the JB Media Institute has ‘wrapped’ for the year. Our Winter, Summer and Fall session drew a record number of students this year to learn how to achieve their marketing goals through effective online marketing strategies and enhanced website performance.

A wide variety of students came together for each six week session to study SEO, social media, online PR, online advertising, and Internet marketing strategy. Participants joined us from non-profit organizations, e-commerce businesses, consulting firms, marketing companies, and area colleges. Each learner brought their own unique talents, insights, and expertise into the classroom.

Institute Students Develop Comprehensive Online Marketing Plans


At the end of each session, Institute students present Internet marketing plans that include defined strategies for SEO, social media, online PR, and advertising, as well as clear guidelines for campaign management, tracking, and reporting. The student presentations are always consistently clear, well-organized, and designed for maximum effectiveness.

As an instructor and educator, one of the most powerful things I experience in the classroom is watching students transform knowledge into action. Every session I am inspired and amazed by what the students have accomplished and at how well they have applied what they have learned in our program. This summer was no different. I can’t wait to hear from our Institute alumni in the future and to find out what kind of impact their new skills have had on their careers, projects, employers, and clients.

The Institute Presents the First Two-Day Bootcamp


In addition to holding three sessions in Asheville, the JB Media Institute team also took the program on the road for the first time to Charlotte as a two-day Internet Marketing Bootcamp for businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. In this fast-paced, immersive educational experience students are able to explore and discuss online marketing tools, strategies and monitoring systems. The bootcamp was possible through a collaboration with Mouse and Man, a digital marketing firm based in Charlotte. It was a real pleasure to work with industry colleagues that are as dedicated to quality education and customer service as we are at JB Media. The Mouse and Man team was organized, supportive, and a delight to collaborate with throughout the duration of the program. The event was held at the beautiful Discovery Place Education Studio in downtown Charlotte.

A Vision for the Future


At JB Media Institute, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, skills, and creative approach with not only with our students, but also with our colleagues and partners. We believe it is possible for many of us to work together to help people from all walks of professional life to choose the right tools and develop the most effective strategies for achieving success on the Internet.

In the coming year the JB Media Institute will be rolling out a variety of new ways to get involved and stay educated about the Internet marketing industry including another Internet Marketing Bootcamp hosted by Mouse and Man in Charlotte, additional meetups for our past Asheville students, and an online program that can be attended by students from around the country and the world. Keep an eye out for these new developments starting in March of 2015 and remember: never stop learning!