Successful Marketing Strategies to Increase Business Via Internet… Marketing


The graph above displays actual sales numbers from a long term client. Their internet marketing efforts cost around $20,000 – $25,000 per year. Magazine Ad 1 costs around $30,000 after a 50% co-promotional partnership with the publisher. Magazine Ad 2 costs around $15,000 after a similar co-promotional discount. The 30,000 brochures mailed to a targeted list of subscribers to their magazine partner costs around $10,000 and their larger mailing to a group of targeted lists costs around $30,000. As you can see all methods are yielding diminishing results except for internet marketing which continues to increase.  Inversely, their cost per customer is around $150 from web, $250 per customer from magazine advertising, and between $1000 and $2000 per customer from brochures. That is why the brochures did not mail this year. Their profit margin is around $500 – $700 per customer. The only percentages not represented on the graph include individual sales representatives and word of mouth.

Currently this client is only running a SEO campaign, Google paid advertising campaign, online banner advertising, a newsletter, and advanced social media with direct outreach. We expect significant growth in the online sales numbers this year as the client adds online video production and distribution, blog creation and blogger outreach, and additional social media outreach.