Pinterest—Small but Powerful

Pinterest is a smaller (and by smaller I mean less than 200 million members), but very exciting social media site that can be incredibly powerful. Many businesses or organizations that have a great website and are employing well planned, content marketing strategies can benefit from being part of this community. It is an excellent way to amplify your message and share your content to an active, engaged network.

According to Pinterest there are currently over 150 million pinners and reports that approximately 30% of adults online in the US use Pinterest, the majority of which are women. Pinterest is loved by retailers, product makers, and online stores because it is one of the top social media drivers of website traffic, second only to Facebook.

Additional Pinterest Facts

Pinterest for Business has shared that the highly active social media site “can help you reach in-demand audiences.” Statistics gathered by Ahalogy showed

  • 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40
  • 54% of women aged 34-55 are on Pinterest
  • 35% of the women aged 34-55 have a household income over $100K
  • Men are joining Pinterest in greater numbers since 2015 reports “women use Pinterest at much higher rates than men. Nearly half of online women use the virtual pinboard (45%), more than double the share of online men (17%) who do so.” and confirm “Pinterest is second only to Facebook in the amount of traffic it drives to websites.” Hootsuite’s Pinterest for Business: The Definitive Marketing Guide shares that “five percent of all website referral traffic comes from the site.” The guide also explains that successful Pinterest business accounts using longer images formatted at 700 pixels wide by 1,400 pixels long see increased repins and more site visits. It also confirms that some of the top categories on Pinterest are home decor, food & drink, weddings, DIY, and arts & crafts.

Tips for Organizing Your Pinterest Boards

One of the keys to making your Pinterest account more successful is to organize your boards in more creative, fun, and human—centered ways. Don’t just create boards about your products and services. Create boards that tell the story of your company, brand, or organization. Create boards that will:

  • Answer questions
  • Entertain people
  • Solve problems
  • Provide inspiration
  • Reflect shared values

Think about your audiences carefully; do your best to stand in their shoes and identify their needs, wants, expectations, questions, etc. Boards organized with your audiences in mind will stand out and be more memorable and shareable. Make people feel like they are on a journey with you instead of just being the target of your marketing and promotions.

Examples of Cool, Creative Pinterest Boards

Below are already some excellent examples of Pinterest accounts doing a great job of organizing memorable, shareable boards that people want to follow. Hopefully these inspire you to stand in your potential customer or client’s shoes and think about what will excite, inspire, and motivate them.