SEO Evaluation and Consultation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated process. There’s a lot of mystery and mis-information about how SEO works and about what actually goes on during the delivery of SEO as a retained service. Many business owners have the same questions about SEO, so we have created a simple evaluation and consulting service to help shed some light on SEO and help companies understand if, when and how long they should retain professional SEO services. Here are a few questions that our service can answer:

  1. What simple changes can I make to my website to improve my search engine rankings?
  2. What are the relevant search keywords for my industry and my business?
  3. How many people are looking for my industry keywords?
  4. Where do I currently rank for my industry keywords, how much traffic am I getting?
  5. How long will it take for me to see results after making changes, and how much more traffic can I expect?
  6. Do I have specific limiting factors preventing SEO success? For example, do I need to consider upgrading my website before investing in SEO?
  7. How long do I need to invest in an SEO retainer?
  8. Can my staff and I do SEO ourselves rather than hiring an outside agency?

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The Process: SEO Evaluation and Consulting Explained

Our SEO evaluation and consulting service is made up of three main services: website evaluation, keyword research, and a personalized consultation/training session. After filling out a simple survey about your goals we will provide the following services:

SEO Website Evaluation

Successful SEO is a multifaceted process. The age and domain name of your existing website and your website platform or content management system all play major rolls in affecting the success of your SEO efforts. We will evaluate these factors and deliver an overview of the findings.

SEO Keyword Research

Understanding your keyword market is one of the most important steps in the SEO process. Some businesses are primarily interested in ranking for only a small handful of keywords while others have hundreds or thousands of keyword phrases that could positively impact their business. Additionally, some businesses are targeting highly competitive keywords while others are targeting extremely small niches. Thorough keyword research will determine which SEO strategy is appropriate for your business.

Personal Consultation and Training

Once the research has been completed we will provide an overview of the findings and a training session on how we approach SEO content development. This will allow you to understand what will be required to move your site up in the search engines. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate if and how you would like to move forward with SEO as a service.