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What You Will Learn

In this half day workshop Angie, of Ignite CSP, shares a three-part process to engage and reach your students by streamlining and focusing your virtual communication skills. Participants will practice techniques to align their body language with their message, amplify their “connection vocabulary,” and get coaching and feedback on what’s working and what can change. The coaches will answer your questions about how to communicate in the virtual world! You will learn:

  • Intentional Communication
  • Alignment
  • Practice

Sarah, co-founder and lead instructor of the JBMedia Institute will then walk participants through a process to clearly identify your own personality and teaching strengths and share ways in which virtual classroom tools can be used to allow teachers to shine. Participants will also discuss common problems students have and explore tools and strategies for assisting students who are struggling to focus and learn successfully. A live Q and A will also take place so you can ask any technical questions that need to be answered. Topics include:

  • Being – Leverage Your Strengths in the Virtual World
  • Frameworks – Understand and Prepare Student Challenges and Motivations
  • Connection – Technology and Teaching