Wednesday July 29, 2020

1 – 5 PM (EST)

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Learn how to successfully transition from in person to online.

Be prepared for whatever the future holds. 

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Why should you attend this training?

  • Learn a three-part approach to use your voice and body language to engage, connect, and communicate clearly, even over webcam.
  • Explore techniques to make the most of the virtual platform, including body language, vocal variety, eye contact, and active listening.
  • Gain a clear understanding of how your strengths can translate into the virtual classroom. 
  • Develop a structured plan for receiving student feedback and solving student issues.
  • Get access to online technology experts.
  • Make connections with other teachers also navigating this change. Share ideas and strategies.

Training Modules

This 4-hour interactive workshop features live presentations and break out activities designed to help any teacher be prepared to successfully lead online classes. Join Angie and Sarah and explore the following: 

Module 1 – 2 hours

In Ignite CSP’s session, you will learn a three-part process to engage and reach your students by streamlining and focusing your virtual communication skills. Participants will practice  techniques to align their body language with their message, amplify their “connection vocabulary,” and get coaching and feedback on what’s working and what can change. The coaches will answer your questions about how to communicate in the virtual world! 

Intentional Communication: This three-part process grounds the speaker in deliberate, intentional communication, a crucial skill in the short-attention-span arena of online learning. This module, Intention, explores the driver of communication, and the important distinction between default (reactive, habitual, and self-focused), and deliberate (planned, flexible, and other-focused) intention. We explore how to identify our default intentions, how they show up in our body language and word choice, and how to transform them into deliberate intentions.

Alignment: This module goes deeper into how our body language and voice support or undermine our communication. The virtual classroom is rife with the potential for misunderstanding and missed educational opportunity. Expanding our toolkit of vocal variety and making sure that our body language is aligned with our message is a necessary step towards engaging students and limiting lost instructional opportunity.

Practice: The third step in the three-part process, this short module looks at the best practices of practice: techniques to find opportunities to practice in daily life, looking for low-stakes situations to try out new skills, getting helpful feedback on what’s working.

Module 2 – 2 hours

In Sarah’s session she will walk participants through a process to clearly identify your own personality and teaching strengths and share ways in which virtual classroom tools can be used to allow teachers to shine. Participants will also discuss common problems students have and explore tools and strategies for assisting students who are struggling to focus and learn successfully. A live Q and A will also take place so you can ask any technical questions that need to be answered.   

Being: In order to achieve classroom and student goals this year educators of all kinds must be in a grounded, balanced, confident headspace. To deal with the unexpected changes and confusing future of the learning experience, you have to make even more time to be in the moment, while simultaneously planning ahead in ways you’ve never had to before. Learn how your experience and talent can guide you to success.  

Frameworks: Teaching virtually will never be the same as being in person with students and colleagues, but structure can be adjusted for maximum engagement and connection. In person classes, trainings, curriculums, or educational programs can all be adapted for the online environment, but you must think with a modular perspective. Learn how course frameworks are built and common problems that proper structuring of your content can solve for you and your students.

Connection: In this session participants will enjoy a live breakout session and a live Q and A with experienced online teachers.


This class is live and interactive; a recording of the training will be shared with students after the program. 

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Meet Our Instructors

Angie Flynn-McIver: Ignite CSP

Angie Flynn-McIver is founder and President of Ignite CSP. She designs and facilitates leadership-training workshops, coaches executives, and leads communication workshops all over the country and internationally.
Angie is a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified coach. She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from Fielding Graduate University and a BA in Theatre with Honors from Smith College. Angie has taught on the faculties of both the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Warren Wilson College. Angie and her husband, Charlie, founded North Carolina Stage Company in Asheville, NC, which has won many local, regional, and national awards since its inception in 2001.

Sarah Benoit: JB Media Institute

Sarah Benoit has worked in the digital marketing and web development fields since 2003 and has been teaching classes on related subjects since 2006. As President of Creative Original, she has built and consulted on a wide variety of small business websites. As Co-founder and Lead Instructor for the JB Media Institute, Sarah Benoit leverages her years of experience as a digital marketing strategist to create timely, relevant, and engaging training content. Sarah speaks and trains on digital marketing topics at conferences and events throughout the year. She has presented at the Haas School of Business | UC Berkeley, Duke University, Haywood Community College, Blue Ridge Community College, and UNCA. She also teaches regularly at AB Tech and at Small Business Centers around the state.