How do I sign up for the JB Media Institute?

If you are attending our 12-week Online Institute, you will want to fill out our online student registration form. Then we’ll be in touch to confirm your seat. Online students will receive a link to the online learning community via email from our Institute Community Manager where you will pay for your course.

If you are attending our on-demand general Introduction to Content Marketing course or our tourism and hospitality-focused Introduction to Tourism and Local Marketing course, you can clicking the links provided and hitting the “register now” buttons.

How can I find out when the next JB Media Institute is happening?

Our Institute home page lists the dates for upcoming sessions of the JB Media Institute. You can expect our online cohorts to launch just about every 6-8 weeks.

Our Introduction to Content Marketing and Introduction to Tourism and Local Marketing courses are both available on-demand, so you can start learning today!

Do you provide any in-person digital marketing training?

The JB Media Institute offers several in-person training options. To receive the most support from the JB Media Institute, we recommend participating in our monthly All Access Cohort peer coaching program. The All Access Cohort is designed for marketing directors, business owners, digital advertising professionals, social media managers, and anyone in charge of Internet marketing on a daily basis. Participants meet at the JB Media office on the third Wednesday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to discuss campaign strategy, content optimization, online advertising, local marketing, team management, and tracking and reporting. The group is led by Institute co-founders and lead instructors Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit and provides the most hands-on support of any in-person training option.

We also offer half-day bootcamps in the Asheville area several times throughout the year. These are typically held from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at various event facilities. Check the Institute home page to see when our next in-person bootcamp will take place.

Furthermore, we also offer consulting for new clients as well as alumni and current subscribers of the JB Media Institute. Contact us for more information on our consulting rates.

Interested in having the JB Media Institute come to you? We are happy to facilitate a corporate training specifically designed for your brand or business. Contact us for more information.

How much does the JB Media Institute cost?

Registration for the Online JB Media Institute is $1157 in total for a 12-week subscription. Payment is made in three installments: $999 for the first month followed by two monthly payments of $79. On-going access is available at $79 per month until you decide to cancel.

Our on-demand introductory courses cost $79/month with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Our in-person consulting rates are $150/hour for a minimum for 3 hours for new clients, and $100/hour for a minimum of 3 hours for Institute alumni and current subscribers.

Our All Access Cohort monthly peer coaching program is $500/month for new students and $400/month for Institute alumni and current subscribers.

What types of payments do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard or American Express are our preferred methods of payment. If you need to pay using an alternate method, please let us know.

How long does the JB Media Institute Internet marketing training program last?

Our online Institute subscription lasts for 12 weeks, with training materials released every week for the first six weeks. You then have an additional six weeks of access to the online Institute to, finish assignments and we offer on-going support via our weekly live calls. On-going access is available at $79 per month until you decide to cancel with weekly calls available for subscribers.

What is the course schedule? Do I need to participate on certain days or at certain times?

Our online program offers the great flexibility for busy schedules. While we provide new presentations, videos and assignments every Tuesday for the first six weeks, you have access to the material for as long as you have a subscription. Our weekly live calls take place on Mondays at 4:30PM EST for the first 6 weeks and focus on the core curriculum as it is presented. After that, we offer a community wide call every Wednesday at 12:10PM EST available for all subscribers. The calls are all recorded and uploaded to our online learning center and so can be accessed whenever it is convenient for you.

Where does the JB Media Institute take place?

The online program can be accessed anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection via our online classroom, hosted by Pathwright. If you are participating in our 12-week Online Institute, we also use a weekly conference call tool called Zoom Cloud Meetings to engage with you during your initial 12 week subscription. If you choose to stay subscribed, you will continue to have access to our support via a weekly group live call hosted through Zoom.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the Online JB Media Institute?

During the first six weeks, there are around 4-5 hours of video materials in the form of presentations and How-To instructions each week. We suggest dedicating an additional 3-4 hours per week for studying the materials and working on the assignments. Most students spread this out over 10-12 weeks to lessen the weekly time commitment which is perfectly fine. Others choose to move through the material in larger batches. We offer flexibility and encourage you to take the approach that works best for your schedule, goals and learning style.

In addition to the videos and independent study we also offer a one hour of live Q and A via a weekly live call-in webinar. This live call is recorded and shared with students in the case you are not available to participate live.

What is the main objective or goal of the JB Media Institute?

Our aim is to help students rapidly learn enough to develop and execute a professional online marketing strategy based on current best practices used by industry professionals in SEO, social media, online advertising and PR. Our ongoing training program, which students can remain enrolled in after their initial 12-week training period, is designed to help our students keep their skills up-to-date within this ever-evolving industry. By the end of your time with the JB Media Institute, you should feel confident enough in these areas of digital marketing to create a professional strategy and implementation plan to share with our instructors and fellow classmates and then implement immediately.

How did the JB Media Institute come to be? Aren’t you also an Internet market agency?

The Institute was developed out of our customized Internet marketing training programs created for JB Media Group clients. Because they are rooted in real world experiences, Institute classes provide up to date and in-depth information, strategies, resources, and tools for successful Internet marketing campaigns. Our students learn directly from professionals who specialize in the online marketing subjects they teach in Institute courses. We believe that learning is enhanced through application. Guided by Institute faculty, students create real Internet marketing plans for their own companies, organizations or personal projects. We also believe that confident action and implementation is reinforced by having the support offered within our ongoing subscription so that students can ask questions and learn the latest industry best practices rather than navigating the endless array of outdated and often contradictory information available online.

What’s the difference between the Intro Course and the full 12-week Online Institute?

The Introduction to Content Marketing Course is available on demand, so you can start learning today. The amount of course materials within the Introduction to Content Marketing Course is about one-fifth of the course curriculum of the full 12-week program. Additionally, the 12-week program provides support via weekly live webinar with Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit. Students who participate in the 12-week program have the opportunity to submit an action plan outlining their digital marketing strategy moving forward based on what they have learned in the program, and this plan is reviewed by members of the Institute team.

In short, the 12-week program provides much more guided learning and has about five times the content of our Introduction to Content Marketing Course.

Who are the instructors of the JB Media Institute?

Our instructors are online marketing professionals currently working the field which provides depth of knowledge coupled with real-time examples and best practices. Institute founders Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit, as well as additional members of the JB Media team and guest presenters, offer their expertise in classes covering special topics and advanced strategies. Students work closely with these industry veterans, who bring to the classroom years of intensive, real world experience in the field of online marketing.

What will I learn in the JB Media Institute?

Our program covers the full spectrum of tools, strategies, and tactics included in a complete online marketing campaign:

  • Social Media Classes - Learn best practices to leverage the right social media platforms to promote your business, brand or product and how to evaluate the success of your efforts.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Classes - From the foundation of keyword research and Google Analytics to the latest updates by Google and other search engines, find out the best way to approach SEO to gain traffic.
  • Online Public Relations Training - Find out the best way to select, pitch and create relationships with the right media to achieve your publicity goals.
  • Online Advertising Classes - Paid advertising offers businesses and organizations another tool to get brand exposure and reach new audiences. From Facebook ads to Google Adwords and Google Grants for non-profits, there are many options to consider no matter your budget.
  • Strategy and Core Skills Training - No Internet marketing training program would be complete without tools for reporting, project management strategies, task delegation, and big picture strategy development. These concepts are woven into the overall curriculum so that you can immediately and effectively apply what you learn.
I only need help with SEO. Can I take classes on just one subject?

The JB Media Institute is designed to give you a complete digital marketing toolkit, and we believe you need to use more than one, if not several components of digital marketing (i.e. social media, SEO, online PR, online advertising) to be successful. Online marketing today is very interconnected and one element rarely works well by itself. For that reason, we do not offer training on just one aspect of Internet marketing. While we realize that you may not need in-depth training on each subject covered in the Institute, we think you’ll find that having a greater understanding and broader knowledge of Internet marketing and how all the elements interact will increase your success.

I’m interested in taking the online JB Media Institute, but I’m new to online learning. Is that a problem?

Whether you’ve taken an online course in the past or are completely new to e-learning, you will easily be able to navigate our online classroom. Before starting the Institute, you will create a username and password to use each time you log into your account. Upon log in, you’ll have the option to view your course materials and access the community forum where discussions are held and assignments are posted. You’ll receive a full tour of the online classroom during your first Monday night live call, and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions about the format of the online classroom so you are ready to proceed with confidence.

What happens at the end of my first 6 weeks of the JB Media Institute? What about at the end of the total 12-week subscription?

At the end of the first six weeks, we will provide instructions on when to submit your action plan for feedback from our instructors. You’ll also be transitioned from your individual cohort to our full Sitewide Community so that you can attend weekly live calls with others who have completed the core curriculum. This way, you’ll continue to interact with our instructors and connect with other alumni of the program. You’ll continue to have access to all the course materials so you can complete any outstanding assignments. You’ll also be invited to our weekly community call (replacing your weekly cohort call) for on-going support and learning from our instructors. You can remain in the learning community with access to learning materials including new videos for as long as you are a subscriber. Once you cancel your monthly subscription, you will no longer have access to the weekly live calls or the online classroom materials.