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Your Complete Guide to Digital Marketing

20+ guides and templates that walk you through how to create a professional, actionable, and integrated digital marketing strategy.



Are you confused about how all the different aspects of your digital marketing come together to achieve your goals? Level up your digital marketing skills with our free Digital Marketing Toolkit. Whether you’re a current marketing professional, freelancer, student, in career transition, or an entrepreneur just getting started, our Toolkit can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Gain clarity and enhance your strategy by:

  • Creating a content branding guide
  • Learning best practices for SEO writing
  • Discovering new keyword opportunities
  • Uniting platforms and partners for powerful synergistic campaigns
  • Exploring tools and strategies for content distribution

What’s Inside: 150+ Pages of Digital Marketing Training

Our Digital Marketing Toolkit includes 150+ pages of training:

  • E-books and Guides covering content branding, content strategy, keyword research, content development, SEO, social media, and marketing partnerships.
  • Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists to support the development of your content branding strategy, keyword research, social advertising, editorial calendars, social content calendars, and campaign calendars.
  • How-tos, Examples, and Case Studies for setting up Facebook and Google remarketing, and diving deeper with a real-life example of partner marketing strategy in action.

We intentionally designed the Toolkit to take you on a creation-to-execution journey through digital marketing. From content creation to content distribution, following the e-books in the recommended order will simultaneously educate and empower you to take immediate steps to improve (or start!) your digital marketing.

Our Expertise

The JB Media marketing teams work with clients and students every day on marketing strategy, implementation, and training. We stay current on industry changes so our strategies and approaches are fresh and effective.

The JB Media Digital Marketing Toolkit includes content written by the following team members:

Mandy Gardner, Senior Content Writer & Brand Journalist

Content branding and development

Leah Quintal, Former Director of SEO & Content Strategy

Research and strategy

Rose Jenkins, Former SEO & Content Strategy Specialist

Research and strategy and optimization

Sarah Benoit, Director of Training & Lead Instructor for JB Media Institute

Content distribution

Justin Belleme

Founder, Director of Strategy

Content distribution, partnerships, and digital advertising

Want More Support?

Supplement your toolkit with our Introduction to Content Marketing Course. Correspond directly with our JB Media Institute instructors and gain access to educational videos that specifically support the toolkit.

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