Introduction to Tourism and Local Marketing

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The teams at JB Media Group and the JB Media Institute have worked together to develop a robust introductory course to help tourism, hospitality, and local businesses and organizations learn the most critical digital marketing skills necessary to develop a professional content marketing strategy.

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Our Introduction to Tourism and Local Marketing Course includes:

  • Over 30 recorded presentations and how-to videos
  • 10 digital marketing e-books, guides, and templates
  • Online discussion and support with JB Media lead instructors Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit

Together, these video classes and written materials provide the training and support needed to begin developing a professional, actionable digital marketing strategy for tourism destinations, local attractions, and hospitality-related businesses.

The course is organized into five sections, each of which includes video classes and accompanying e-books and guides:

(1) Branding for Tourism and Local Marketing
(2) Content Research, Strategy, and Creation
(3) Content Distribution and Social Media
(4) Digital Advertising
(5) Online Partnership Marketing

What’s Inside: Over 30 videos and 50 pages of tourism and local marketing training documents

Video Classes

Learn the basic concepts and best practices of content marketing from experts who have worked with tourism and hospitality-related organizations and local businesses for years. Explore topics like social media strategy, how to create a culture of content, keyword research, writing for search engines, Facebook advertising, partnership marketing, and more.

Video How-Tos

Watch simple videos on how to set up Google Ads, use Google Analytics social tracking, navigate Facebook Insights, run reports on different keyword research tools, and more. Learn the basics of these tools and how they can help enhance your content marketing strategies.

E-books and Guides

Read e-books and guides about content branding, content strategy, keyword research, content development, SEO, social media, and marketing partnerships. Find out how digital marketing experts approach the work by being organized, strategic, and intentional.

Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists

Utilize a variety of documents with examples and templates to create a clear content branding strategy, conduct keyword research, develop social advertising campaigns, and build editorial, social content, and campaign calendars.

Written How-tos, Examples, and Case Studies

Read how-to documents on Facebook and Google remarketing, and review experiential case studies on partner and influencer marketing campaigns. Learn to build effective, long-term marketing relationships.

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Meet the Instructors

The experts at JB Media Group and the JB Media Institute worked together to share their unique experiences and skill sets. The course includes video classes by the following team members:

Mandy Gardner
Senior Content Writer & Brand Journalist

Content branding and development

Leah Quintal
Former Director of SEO & Content Strategy

Research and strategy

Justin Belleme
Founder, Director of Strategy

Content distribution, partnerships, and digital advertising

Sarah Benoit
Founder, Lead Instructor

Social media, SEO, online advertising, and marketing strategy

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